Ronald Smith Contracts

    Our Competencies:

    Ronald Smith Contracts Inc. (RSC) offers advisory services to key players in the Aerospace and Defense (A&D) market.
    We advise analysts and investors on market trends, supply chain risk, and competitive forces in commercial and
    defense aircraft programs. We also work directly with market competitors, including effective long-term strategies for
    defense incumbents, Red Teams and Voice-of-the-Customer insights for competitors in Major Systems Acquisitions, and
    Other-Transaction-Authority (OTA) expertise for Non-Traditional government contractors. We specialize in
    pragmatism, focus, and tangible results.
Phone: (202) 664-0707  

Ron Joins "The Bridge" for a Discussion of Current Issues Confronting Federal Procurement
"I was honored to be included in this discussion of the issues confronting Federal procurement and the
government contracting workforce. Aired on "The Bridge" on the ABC affiliate in Washington DC on January 7.
My total privilege to be asked to participate with such a distinguished group of colleagues." ---Ron
Ron Joins the Federal Access Team Discussing Simplified Acquisition Procedures
Game Changers
"Many experts in Government Contracting recognize that Simplified Acquisition is an undervalued and
underused tool. This Podcast focuses on the potential for increased efficiencies and savings to the Government.
Thanks to RSM Federal for inviting me to discuss these issues. ---Ron
“Sales professionals, buyers, program managers, and executives must understand the tangible and intangible factors that drive the business deal into the written contract… Both parties contribute to a clear vision, measured expectations, and a long-term approach to the relationship and contract documentation. The outcome is a systematic approach that minimizes conflict and magnifies consensus so that both parties to the contract can be successful. ---Marcus Evans Training
Ron leads September 2-day seminar preparing Non-Lawyers for High-Stakes/High-Risk negotiations (Chicago IL)
Link to Macus Evans Training