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    Ronald Smith Contracts,
    Inc. is equipped to
    analyze, strategize, and
    resolve a wide range of
    contracts and
    procurement problems.
    We work with corporate
    clients seeking to
    increase competitive
    advantage and market
    analysts seeking to
    understand market
    opportunities. We
    proactively share our
    knowledge in the
    marketplace and gain
    deeper understanding
    from our engagement
    and research.
As a Trusted Advisor:   Aerospace and Defense, analysts, and investors around the world rely on RSC for understanding of markets, regulations, and supply chains in Aerospace and Defense. We continue to support analysts and venture capitalists from around the world in understanding opportunity, competition, and regulation. We also continue to support technology companies seeking to make entry into the Defense market and established incumbents seeking the voice-of-the customer to develop effective strategies.

As a Practitioner:   RSC brings a deep understanding of Major Systems Acquisitions in the DoD market, such as SBIRS and KC-135 Replacement (KC-X). Our experience includes major successes in other markets, including creation of the initial IT contracts for the Western States Contracting Alliance (WSCA) (now NASPO
Valuepoint) and turnaround renegotiations for a major IT company. As a buyer he has negotiated hundreds of contracts and subcontracts in both commercial and defense markets.

As a Leader in the profession:   Ron Smith has been recognized as an industry leader for decades. He chaired major industry committees during passage of Acquisition Reform statutes in the mid-90s. Served as a Member of the Electronic & Information
Technology Accessibility Advisory Committee (EITAAC) and contributed to
development of the report language that governs Section 508 compliance today. He
served as National President of the National Contract Management Association
(NCMA), chairperson for the NCMA World Congress and recipient of Charles A. Dana
award for NCMA service. He continues to serve on the NCMA Board of Advisors for

As a Contracts and Procurement scholar and expert:   
Ron Smith is the author of 4 books and multiple articles on contracting and subcontracting. The Contract
Management Body of Knowledge (2004) (currently in revision) is widely recognized as the standard for training the field. Ron is a Lifetime Certified Purchasing Manager (C.P.M), an NCMA Fellow, and an NCMA Certified Professional Contracts Manager (CPCM Retired) He is in frequent demand as a panelist and speaker and continues to publish current and insightful research in the field.