Ronald Smith Contracts-RSContracts
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Acquisition strategies, sourcing strategies

RSContracts supports the client executive team to change customer strategies and create compliant win strategies. We practice
prevention to build a strategy that matches the customer requirements to client capabilities to get results:

•        Increasing win probabilities by creating compelling customer persuasion. We identify ways to create contracts that are both
compliant to customer requirements and low-risk/more profitable to our client. We have persuaded entrenched Customers to moderate
our client’s risks and raise our client’s fees.

•        Applying commercial and non-traditional expertise effectively to maintain commerciality and protect intellectual property and
technology in negotiating Other Transaction Authorities -- OTA agreements and FAR Part 12 commercial contracts. We have brought
21st Century commercial technologies into current Defense and law enforcement projects.

•        Framing the Client needs in the language of the customer. Persuasion beats leveraging every time because win/win is not just a
slogan. We have pulled companies from the brink of Termination for Default to create solid customer relationships with long-term