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Acquisition strategies, sourcing strategies                                
RSContracts shares the depth and breadth of lessons learned with Client executive leadership to solve present-day challenges. There is more to competitive source selection than meets the eye, so we have learned to look deeper and understand better. Better means a preference for finesse and persuasion, which work better and last longer than transitory leverage. This is as true for Other Transaction
Authorities -- OTA agreements as for negotiated procurements of major weapons systems.

Red Teams, project teams, Voice of the Customer                 
RSContracts works directly with our customers 1:1 to help them win in source selections and contract negotiations. We understand that our true value is to elevate and accentuate our customer strengths. Reinvention and outside-the-box strategies are also in our toolbox, but not when the Game is afoot; competitive source selection is all about fitting seamlessly with the Client team to get immediate results.

Aerospace market analysis, Aerospace industry trends                
RSContracts advises more than 90 customers each year on the market forces and competitive dynamics that drive investment decisions, sourcing, and partnerships within the aerospace supply chain. Valuing the arena more than the sidelines, we travel extensively to work directly with clients. Our approach is involved and interactive. We are not limited to theoretical abstractions or textbook approaches.

Supply Chain competitive advantage                                        
RSContracts helps companies at every tier compete successfully: disrupting their competitors, protecting their established positions, or moving into new markets and technologies. We have experienced the aerospace industry from the factory floor to the executive suite.  This real world experience solves real-time problems. We help our clients identify the way to succeed in each new situation.
  Advisory Services

    Our strength is a wide
    variety of executive
    experience, both buying
    and selling, in Aerospace
    and Defense. We advise
    analysts, management
    firms, and the financial
    community on industry
    trends. We provide direct
    support to companies
    seeking competitive supply
    chain advantage.
Acquisition and sourcing strategies
Project Teams Details
Aerospace markets and trends
Supply Chain competitive advantage