Ronald Smith Contracts
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Market analysis/industry trends

  • We have worked closely with venture capitalists and investment firms seeking to
    understand the competitive landscape across market segments, product categories, and
    global boundaries.
  • Our insights enable our clients to properly value and target aerospace strategies, assess
    the prospects for entry into new markets, or defend incumbency against new competitive
  • In calendar 2016 we supported more than 70 supply chain clients worldwide.
  • We travel extensively to advise clients on market trends and strategic priorities.

Supply Chain competitive advantage

  • Our executive experience with industry-leading companies in global markets provides
    insight into the decision process that underpins (and frequently overrides) value analysis of
    mergers & acquisitions, restructuring, and source selections.
  • We have advised dozens of clients in the chaotic Tier 2 and Tier 3 aerospace supply chain,
    where companies are striving to restructure to meet pricing pressures and capacity
  • We have served as voice-of-the-customer for global industrial companies making major
    strategic changes as well as those adapting to changing market conditions.
  Advisory Services

    Our strength is a wide
    variety of executive
    experience, both buying
    and selling, in Aerospace
    and Defense. We advise
    analysts, management
    firms, and the financial
    community on industry
    trends. We provide direct
    support to companies
    seeking competitive supply
    chain advantage.