Ronald Smith Contracts

    Our Competencies:

    Ronald Smith Contracts Inc.
    (RSC) offers advisory services to
    key players in the Aerospace
    and Defense (A&D) market. Our
    customers are analysts and
    investors who need in-depth
    understanding of this market
    and aerospace companies
    seeking to improve
    competitiveness and
    profitability. We look beyond
    the regulations and contract
    language to understand
    business dependencies and
    relationships. We deliver
    pragmatic, specific, actionable
Phone: (202) 664-0707  
  • Contract Negotiation RSC specializes in the successful pursuit of new business
    opportunities by suppliers of every size and at every tier. Both incumbents and challengers
    rely on us for successful outcomes. RSC specializes in successful negotiation strategies that
    resolve tactical issues while preserving good buyer/seller relationships throughout the
    supply chain.
  • Procurement Support  RSC is a recognized expert on procurement processes, systems
    and supply chain management. Our process approach, especially for the DoD Contractor
    Purchasing System Review (CPSR), is to look beyond immediate transactional findings and
    corrective actions to understand the impacts and manage risk in all parts of the
    organization, including the dependencies on commercial processes.
  • Advisory Services   RSC is internationally recognized and respected as an expert in
    Aerospace & Defense companies, capabilities, processes and trends. We support more than 200 clients globally to provide competitive analysis, process knowledge, voice-of-the-
    customer, and market insight. We are recognized as a leader in understanding change and
    predicting the impact on small business, mid-size companies and Tier 2/Tier 3 suppliers.

  • Knowledge Transfer  Ron Smith is a recognized and respected teacher known for
    scholarship, publication, and teaching. We share our knowledge and experience through
    professional and industry groups and through academia. Ron teaches extensively in the
    areas of negotiation, International contracting, sourcing, and supply chain management.
Ron Joins "The Bridge" for a Discussion of Current Issues Confronting Federal Procurement
"I was honored to be included in this discussion of the issues confronting Federal procurement and the
government contracting workforce. Aired on "The Bridge" on the ABC affiliate in Washington DC on January 7.
My total privilege to be asked to participate with such a distinguished group of colleagues." ---Ron
Ron Joins the Federal Access Team Discussing Simplified Acquisition Procedures
"Many experts in Government Contracting recognize that Simplified Acquisition is an undervalued and
underused tool. This Podcast focuses on the potential for increased efficiencies and savings to the Government.
Thanks to RSM Federal for inviting me to discuss these issues. ---Ron
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