Ronald Smith Contracts-RSContracts
Ron’s credentials as an expert in the
field include his service as President of NCMA, his selection for the NCMA
Charles A. Dana Award, and his service on numerous Government/Industry
committees and working groups. He has published many articles in contracts and procurement. Ron is a frequent panelist at industry forums and instructor for
Government training events.
Phone: (202) 664-0707  
  • Contract and subcontract negotiations:  including claims and terminations
  • International contracting and subcontracting.
  • Sourcing (including solicitations, bids, and proposals)
  • Supply chain management
  • Risk management
  • Procurement process management (including CPSR)
Training and research topics include:
Content is drawn from original research and original published works including:
•        Contract Management Body of Knowledge, currently in 4th Edition.
•        Market Research in Federal Contracting (1998).
•        Creating the Performance-Based Solicitation (1997).
•        Acquisition Reform (1996).
    Knowledge Transfer

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    the published policy and
    beyond the prevailing theory.