Ronald Smith Contracts

Contract Negotiation

    Our negotiation practice is
    focused on successful solutions
    based on the underlying
    source selection or change
    management situation. Our
    services are a strong value-add
    in developing and
    implementing successful
    strategies to deliver results
    while preserving customer and
    supplier relationships.
Phone: (202) 664-0707  
Our credentials include the successful negotiation of hundreds of contracts and
subcontracts across multiple major projects and programs. Our experience ranges
from multiple Major Systems Acquisitions to  complete reconstitution the company
Federal portfolio following abrupt 90% customer cancellation to supporting 10X
growth over five years in sales volume through Federal and State & Local contracts.

Traditional organizational models dedicate contracts and procurement teams to the
technical details of the contract/subcontract of each separate transaction. In our
experience the contracts/procurement interaction drives business results from the
lowest tier suppliers to the ultimate customers across the whole enterprise.

Our in-depth understanding of laws, regulations, and customer cultures both
domestic and global, is the foundation for building effective tactics to meet
client business objectives.

We apply our knowledge and experience to improve competitive probabilities and
manage risk whil maintaining a favorable customer relationship.  We have
successfully applied our expertise to win dozens of major projects in both aerospace
and information technology markets. Our value-add is the ability to focus this
knowledge into direct action and fulfillment of immediate customer needs and
client business objectives.