Contract Negotiation

    Our negotiation practice is focused on successful solutions based on the underlying source selection or change management situation. Our
    services are a strong value-add in developing and implementing successful strategies to deliver results while preserving customer and
    supplier relationships.
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RSContracts Negotiation Approach
RSContracts considers the full range of experience and issues with the customer upward and the supply chain downward. We do not segregate customer objectives
upward from supply chain objectives downward. Our measure of negotiation merit is overall business results, not the details of each specific transaction. Instead of enforcing replicas of past experience, we identify opportunities for new approaches and different (better) results. We give very little weight to how it used-to-be-done.

RSContracts Credentials
RSContracts builds on hundreds of successful contracts and subcontract
negotiations in commercial aerospace, Defense, and IT markets. We continue to help clients resolve complex business issues with customers and suppliers. We continue to teach negotiation techniques and successful ways-of-working to both Government and Industry audiences. We continue to meet client objectives within
exceptional customer relationships.

RSContracts Results
RSContracts focuses deep procurement and contract negotiation knowledge into
immediate tactical action. Our value-add is the ability to focus. Over a period of
decades we have produced strong negotiation results in a wide variety of projects.
We balance tactical objectives with healthy long-term relationships.
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RSContracts Negotiation Support