Ronald Smith Contracts
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    We help our clients
    design compliant,
    compatible purchasing
    systems that deliver
    results across multiple
    businesses, locations,
    and customer
    compliance mandates.

    We harmonize diverse
    requirements into a core
    set of compliant policies
    and procedures across
    the full spectrum of
    customer demands.

    We meet the client’s
    operational and
    financial objectives
    while preserving (or
    rebuilding) buyer/seller
    trust relationships.
Our credentials include decades of experience in the management of subcontracts and procurement
processes and systems. Our experience spans management of systems in aerospace, defense,
commercial aviation, and information technology. Our understanding of regulatory requirements is
Global, current, and insightful.

Because the traditional strategy of risk avoidance upward to customers and risk transfer downwards to
the supply chain is inefficient and ineffective, we seek to achieve a long-lasting balance in which the risk
and rewards are parallel and sustainable for all parties. We have achieved teaming and partnering
negotiations with Fortune 100 subcontractors and Tier 1 suppliers on multiple programs with additional
sourcing and purchasing experience with hundreds of lower-tier suppliers.

Our in-depth understanding of laws, regulations, and customer cultures is the
foundation for building effective tactics.

We apply a comprehensive approach to procurement system audits and reviews, including the
Contractor Purchasing System Review (CPSR), to deliver a compliant and approved procurement system
that is adaptable to diverse customer mandates and regulatory requirements in diverse markets
domestically and globally.

We take a strategic approach to subcontract disputes and changes. We help our clients torestructure
business arrangements effectively and efficiently, while restoring supplier relationships without
disruption of price structure or delivery performance.

Our consulting practice focuses on the economic impact of law and regulation on the overall enterprise.
We specialize in developing procurement processes and policies that achieve full compliance with
minimal disruption to commercial supply chain efficiency and effectiveness.