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Supply Chain competitive advantage

RSContracts understands supply chain companies from the public financial documents down to the factory floor. The supply chain is a
vertical connection of inter-dependent companies, not a stack of individual corporate SEC 10-K filings. We track the consequences,
disruptions and opportunities that result from each contract award and each Tier 2 merger. Our specialties are:

•        Predicting customer behavior to insight into the decision process that underpins mergers & acquisitions, restructuring, and
source selections. We understand the risk factors and considerations that far outweigh price. We interpret the implicit fundamentals
that go beyond the explicit requirements in the solicitation or tender.

•        Going where the action is at Tier 2 and below, to advise dozens of clients in the chaotic lower tiers of the aerospace supply
chain. We understand their pricing pressures, capacity constraints and the factors that sustain and grow their market share.