Ronald Smith Contracts-RSContracts
Phone: (202) 664-0707  
Red Teams, project teams, Voice of the Customer

RSContracts works hands-on with client project and proposal teams to produce wins. We are privileged to work with the smartest
people on the most critical projects. We contribute by:

•        Presenting the Voice-of-the-Customer to refine strategies internally. We create the compelling arguments that appeal to
customers and produce positive evaluations.

•        Challenging-up within the organization as Voice-of-the-Customer to identify and facilitate fundamental improvements in the
strategy. We have identified effective responses to changing market conditions, looking beyond traditional ways-of-working and
established dogmas.

•        Harnessing the power of the Red Team to deliver more than PowerPoint homilies. We discover practical, actionable
improvements. We follow through to drive these discriminators into the proposal.

•        Interpreting competitor behavior and customer culture to identify both written and unwritten criteria that drive the competition. We
understand the success factors that confound competitors and capture customers.